My favorite selfie taken with my Canon Rebel in my mirror.  Edited in Photoshop to Black /White with sepia filter.  

Welcome to Things Imagined

Hello my name is Edyta Pachowicz and Things Imagined is an arts and crafts lifestyle dialogue created from the perspective of a fine artist and Photographer.  I am a Hollywood California based fine artist inspired by life.  That passion and creativity spills into endless projects and interests.  I want to share the joy of it with you. 

You can expect to see crafts and scrapbook ideas, original art, photography tips and shoots, some with celebrities and fashion, projects for kids and many more adventures with a peek into my life in Hollywood.


Me: Taurus, Painter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Dreamer, Do-er

Obsessions: Chocolate, Pizza, Fitness, Yoga, Hiking, Legos, My son

Favorite Movies: Too many to say

Outstanding Moments: 

1._Painting at the Spielberg's house for a week under the tutelage of artist David Laffel. Kate Capshaw, a gifted painter, was a fellow student in my painting class we both attended.

2._My art was featured and sold at the charity event the Fluffball created by my friend and talented actor Emmanuelle Vaugier.

3._The absolutely thrilling feeling of two successful art shows thus far.